Flashing /Installing TWRP Recovery on MIUI Devices


What is Custom Recovery?

Custom recoveries often have the ability to create and restore device backups. Custom recoveries allow you to install custom ROMs like Cynagenmod, Rescurrection remix etc. It has additional features like navigating inside the directories.

The two popular custom recoveries are TWRP and Clockworkmod ,but in this tutorial we will be looking to install TWRP recovery .

TWRP recovery can be flashed using 2 method:

  1. By downloading and installing Twrp-recovery.Zip file ( no need of laptop/PC).

2. By downloading and installing Twrp-recovery.img file ( no need of laptop/PC).

This  method will not be discussed here because of slow process.

Requirements for 1 method:

  • The device should be rooted.(ie SuperSU file should be downloaded).
  • Twrp-recovery.zip should be downloaded.

Installing Method:

  1. Download proper SuperSu.zip file for your smartphone. I will recommend you to download from XDA developers.
  2. Download Twrp-recovery.zip from XDA developers or from official site.
  3. Copy both downloaded files in internal memory.
  4. Click on update –>Hold for 2 sec–>on the top right you will notice 3 dots–>click on dots–>go to install zip–>select the SuperSu file and press okay to install Super Su.
  5. Similarly go to install zip–>select the Twrp-recovery.zip file and press okay to install Super Su.
  6. Now you are almost done. You will be automatically redirected to custom recovery and in some cases it will not redirect, So in that case power off your device and press and hold volume up + volume down + power key at once to open custom recovery.
  7. Once you opened custom recovery , you can do further process of backing,installing and restoring the device.
  8. To go back , Click on reboot–>system. You have successfully installed TWRP recovery on you smartphone.

If you guys have any query regarding installing TWRP recovery then comment down below.



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