Make your Smartphone Faster then Before (NO ROOT REQUIRED).


Hello Guys,

Are you guys having older smartphones which lags everytime you try to play with it? That’s the truth when you have older hardware at this point of time. Apps have become more powerful but your smartphone can’t push itself to process their instruction quick.

Here’s a solution for such older phones but you can also try with your newer smartphones too for faster access like loading apps.

Let’s start!!

  1. Go to settings of your Settings–>click on About Phone
  2. You will find Build Number–>Tap on it (7-9 times) until pop-up appears”enabled developer mode”.
  3. Go back–>You will notice Developer options in the Setting above About phone.
  4. Click on Developer Option–> You will find whole set of options.
  5. Scroll down until you find “Drawing”.
  6. In that section : you will find 3 options .Windows animation scale,Transition animation scale,Animator duration scale
  7.  By default all 3 are set to 1x or 1.5x. You can set it to .5x or off (based on your      preferences)5x is slower and .5x is faster.
  8.  Next scroll down to Apps section in Developer mode.
  9. In this section you can limit your background process .
  10.  Don’t keep activities will be off by default which means all background process will not be removed from the memory after you close the app(recommend to keep as it is).
  11. Next option is Background process limit . By default Standard limit which will keep all the background processes. You can Customize it with how many process you want to run in the background( recommended is 3-4 processes).
  12. Once you are done ,you will definitely feel that smartphone is much snappier then before. 

Please need some tutorials ,then comment down below.



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