STOCK ROM v/s CUSTOM ROM (Choose smart )


android_logo_520Hello Folks!!

Lets talk about Android , Google came up with mobile operating system which was original developed by Android Inc. However Google managed to make Android , a  popular operating system ever.That’s how Android made its foot print into the mobile market.The features and services provided by Google is limitless, thus making it much more than a smarter phone.

Android is an open source and comes in 2 form: Stock version and Custom version. When comes to smartphone we talk about ROM, installing rom / operating system makes no difference here. Although ROM has different meaning in terms of Computers.

Lets differentiate with looks,features,security,updates,performance and other aspects.


1. Personalisation:

Android is known for customization and ease of use for people who are new to android. So, Stock rom provides all the features required for your daily driver. Changing wallpapers,themes ,installing launchers and other application making it more user friendly are few in the list. Further, the Custom Rom goes beyond these limits like providing  your phones super user privilages and customizing every bit of your UI elements. ie changing your status bar ,navigation button, menus etc.

2. Security:

Android is open source and we can’t trust other other vendors when security is concerned.  You have to be sure while installing custom rom that they do not contain any backdoor, malwares, spywares or other malicious tools. I’m not saying you can’t trust Custom ROMs but it’s just that many people take their privacy on top. It will be easy to trust a reputed brand and its software or Rom.So while choosing your rom think on it.

3. Updates:

Newer version of the rom packed with features and fixes of the previous ROM and most people are waiting for their date of release. It could be a security update or any other update people will be eagerly waiting for that. Updates or new releases are more regularly released for Custom ROMs than Stock ROMs. Thus they stand apart from stock ROMs. When a new Rom is released by the Android (developer rom), the custom ROM developer tries to make it stable and make available for supporting devices with add ons.


4. Performance:

Custom ROMs allow you to remove bloatwares completely(0% bloatware ) , modifying background services and set many other performance tweaks to optimize its ROMs. This make Custom ROMs perform better than Stock ROMs . Custom ROMs are optimized version of Stock ROMs and are not bundled with lots of pre-installed apps and services – this make it even faster and perform better.Android provide options to easily customize the look and user experience of your system. Brands like Samsung , Motorola don’t give you root access and prohibit you to install advance apps or change system permissions but you can achieve it using a Custom ROM.


Stock ROMs doesn’t void your warranty. The reason behind people don’t go for Custom ROMs is warranty. Some companies allows your Android device to root and installing a custom ROMs like Xiaomi,One plus etc without avoiding your warranty. Thus the idea of installing ROMs comes handy. Companies like Samsung,Nokia,Motorola prefers their stock ROMs with little modification according to their needs.

What you people think?? STOCK OR CUSTOM ROMS??

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