Resurrection Remix for Redmi 2 prime (RR-N-v 5.8.2-20170320). Reviews after 1 week use.


Hello Guys !!

I am back with another Custom ROM by AOSP, Resurrection Remix. I have already used the previous build of the same ROM but I was disappointed with the performance and battery-life of the ROM. With the latest build the cons are much improved and don’t expect miracles with battery life.

They have worked well on ram management which helped them to improve battery-life. However they failed to improve camera department of the ROM. I hope they improve in their next build. The interesting thing is ,4G LTE works well now , NO ISSUES regarding 4G connections. I feel they have put some effort to patch this.


  1. Smooth UI. ( Launcher provides some features like night mode but its not NOVA Launcher)
  2. Good Optimization(Performance).
  3. Omni Switcher(Launcher changer with one click).
  4. 4G LTE improvised.
  5. Magisk Manager.
  6. Personalization in Setting .
  7. Camera provides more controls.
  8. VOLTE support (enable volte,it won’t show volte on status bar)
  9. Ambient display.


  1. Battery improved.
  2. Ram Management is improved (it won’t keep all the apps in memory). Thus improves battery life.
  3. Security patch (March 5, 2017)
  4. Can be a Daily Driver( No Major issues).
  5. Fast charging( I think its similar to MIUI ).
  6. Battery drain when idle.


  1. Camera (not able to focus properly).
  2. Battery statistics show irrelevant graph.(Take a look on the screen shots).
  3. Switches off occasionally (can be fixed using 3 commands)
  4.  Battery can be improved.
  5. 4G sometimes fluctuate (Go to access names in sim setting and click on 3 dot on the top-right and click on reset Damn you are back ).


  1. Auto brightness is not accurate.
  2. Some minor UI issue ( i noticed it only for home screen icon, the icon gets highlighted once you close the app but next moment it will be fine).
  3. Song are still played even when you unplug the headphone.


Download Gapps

Resurrection remix

And for more updates on ROM review please comment down.


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