Mokee Rom 6.0.1 wt88047(Marshmallow)-STABLE


Hello Guys,

The old competitor “MOKEE” has come up with latest ROM with a stable build, I know they are still on the Marshmallow but they stay apart with super improvement. I have to say a “best stable ROM ” till date from any custom vendor with no lag what so ever. Lets see what it provides in a ROM, the ROM is based pure stock android with little or no customization to it. The people who like stock android will love this ROM. Fortunately, I loved it because I like pure ROMs. They also kept an edge for Music lovers. I personally loved the sound output and also crystal clear voice clarity.


  1. Pure Stock Android.
  2. Good Battery life.( Don’t expect miracle. 2200mAH don’t provide you anything)
  3. Fluid Interface.
  4. Excellent Network Reception(Voice clarity was too good compared to other ROMs).
  5. Viper4 Android FX built-in.( produces excellent sound)
  6. Theme Chooser built-in (No pre-installed themes)
  7.  Aegis ( Built-in app similar to Greenify)


  1. Good Battery life.( Compared to other Roms )
  2. Important apps pre- installed. (Aegis and Viper)
  3. Excellent sound quality
  4. Improved Camera ( Focusing works better than other ROMs).
  5. Notifications ( Sliding right or left provides options to mute and other option)
  6. Security update March 1 2017


  1. No Customization( Only status bar can be customized)
  2. Still based on Marshmallow.

Bugs: Not Found

Download links:

Download RELEASE

Download Android 6.0

Download RELEASE version of Mokee ROM , nightly has bugs”



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