Tesla -wt88047-7.1 Beta .v3.3-Official-20161207-02 (makes sense)

Tesla -a ground zero rom quiet showed me some interesting stats after using it for 3 days. Last time when I tried to installed this ROM disappointed me, as it stopped responding on first boot. Since then I thought of not reviewing this ROM. Unfortunately, I did it. But the result came out good.

Coming to the Rom under the hood functionality , it’s a featured with all  the customization but these customization aren’t enough though, they have skipped few features and added in next build.(I’ll write on that ROM later below- I’m test out that ROM too).The Tesla give use some decent screen on time for daily use. This ROM uses NOVA Launcher  -Beta Version in the UI department which is pretty stable. The sound quality from the earphone is pretty loud. The root users can take more advantage on this ROM.

I’m testing out the newer version of this ROM, but there’s some heating issues exists. I don’t think ,it’s good idea to review it. Another thing is that you’ll find all customization option (OMNI SWITCHER is added)  in the newer version but battery backup goes down. Screen shot of both ROMs are added in screenshot section.


  1. Nova Launcher as primary launcher.
  2. Good battery SOT
  3. Tesla Coil -customization.
  4. AdWay is pre-installed ( Root user can take advantage).
  5. Chromium browser is pre-installed.


  1. Sound quality (stand apart from other ROMs-no built in apps but sound depth was good).
  2. Good battery backup.
  3. 4G works fine (switching between 4G and Wifi works fine).
  4. Performance was good( No glitches while switching of apps).
  5. Security update 1 Feb.
  6. Themes are added to newer versions(Dark and light)


  1. Poor Camera.
  2. No direct toggle for bluetooth( Other rom has this feature).
  3. Force close message pop-up, occasionally.


  1. Customizing the recent menu button-long press menu button–> switching to last app won’t work.
  2. Going to Recovery from advance reboot does not work.

Download link: 

Tesla Rom


Screenshots: Both newer and older version

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