Validus Rom -13.8-OFFICIAL- 7.1.1 for Redmi 2 prime


The Validus -a ground zero Rom has released its Nougat version which is impressive. This was the first time i tried installing Validus Rom and gave me great response from its performance. Talking about the features it has it all ,no question to ask. It surprised me with its battery. Even with little drain when idle, it would last me for 4 and half hour of screen on time. They lowered the multi-tasking efficiency which made them to improve battery life. I would recommend you guys to try this Rom.


  1.  Nova Launcher control the UI part
  2.  Good battery
  3.  Omni Launcher
  4.  WolvesDen for Customization
  5. Magisk Manager.
  6. Themes inbuilt( have a look on screenshot).
  7. Developer tools.
  8. Some icons are changed for status bar. 


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  1. UI is more fluid and  responsive
  2. Good Battery optimization.
  3. Themes (Dark theme looks cool but in some case it the background doesn’t match with text).
  4. Lots of customization.
  5. Double tap to wake is responsive.(sometimes it unlocks if we keep our finger on the screen)


  1. Switching to 4G (sometimes require manually set it)
  2. Double tap to wake is responsive.


Validus Rom : download link



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