Lineage Rom 14.1-20170519-NIGHTLY -wt88047

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I wanted to post the review on AEX rom, but after 2-3 day of you use, it automatically moves to boot loop mode. I installed it 2 times i still face the same problem. I will try to fix that soon and review it.

Well, the lineage has been always the top contender among all custom roms and there is no point on discussing the same. Let’s coming to the point, the rom is similar to stock as always with much customization. The Lineage always been ahead with performance and battery life. No lags while switching between the apps and no app force close. It lack only in one department and that’s customization, UI can be changed with Nova launcher but it’s still a beta version. Moving to the features of the Rom


  1. Nova and Trebuchet launcher
  2. Substratum themes (only for root users)
  3. AudioFX
  4. Yubrowser
  5. File Manager
  6. Google assistant


  1. Battery life is good.
  2. Performance was excellent
  3. Sound quality from speaker and headphone was loud.(Enable audioFx)
  4. Quick shortcuts.
  5. No UI lags
  6. OTG support


  1. No customizations.
  2. The back feels warm while on calls and while browsing.
  3. Camera was average.


  1. No bugs

I would recommend if you’re not an heavy user. The rom is stable and near to stock.


Please download the latest rom

Lineage rom download



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