Resurrection Remix-N-v5.8.3-20170516-wt88047


Hello Guys !!!

It’s been more than a week, I haven’t posted any review because I shifted to different place. Thanks a lot for views.

In these short span i flashed multiple rom and none of them was up to the mark. I tried AOSiP which still a beginner with lot issues to be resolved. Then omni rom which was good but found some reboot issues and finally I flashed resurrection remix, at one stage felt like it’s almost  to the stable rom but after two days of use, it looks like I have  found multiple issues.

This is not a complete review. I don’t have any screenshots with me. I will share only cons in the review.


  1. Aosp keyboard sometimes doesn’t invoke(use Gboard ),maybe the issue with quick reply from notification or from tap to wake up feature.
  2. Proximity sensor does not work sometimes.
  3. Lights appears to be pink (tired calibration but did not work).
  4. UI stopped working and force closed when picking up the call.
  5. Camera looks good when there is good lighting but flickering issue with it.

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