Panaroid wt88047-7.1.0-DEV-20170322(for Camera lovers)-Thanks to Rahif M


I recently came to know about panaroid rom for Redmi 2 prime and sad new is that it is an unofficial version running on android 7.1.0. I went on to find its features in their official website, but sadly we don’t have any features mentioned their on this rom. The rom was quiet stable and close to stock android with less bugs.
The one thing which made me to use this rom was camera. I bet no camera can compete with this when it comes to custom roms.The camera interface was simple with simple options. I thought of comparing with iphone 6 camera and I know it’s insane but still it managed to defeat in good lighting condition. The camera has an edge to choose over other custom roms. The customization is too little or no customization. The features that panaroid provides to official version are much too high. Lets talk about the features.


  1. Similar to stock with no bloatwares.
  2. Inbuilt apps are well designed.
  3. Pixel style launcher.


  1. Excellent camera when on focus( Compared with iphone, image captured are at the bottom)
  2. Excellent ram management(could easily hold 8-9 apps).
  3. No lag while switching between apps.
  4. Sound output was good, not great.
  5. Few customizations(something is better than nothing- you can change battery icon in battery setting etc).
  6. Home button is customized (double tap on home button invokes camera).

At some point it should have cons when their are lot of pros- it is still in development


  1. Unofficial version
  2. Stable version unknown( no idea when will it release as it is unofficial version).
  3. No customization( only few).
  4. Battery draining issue while idle.
  5. No screenshot option.
  6. Battery (lasts for 3hr or less)


  1. Proximity sensor not working.
  2. Could not lock the focus sometime( locks and release in camera).


Please download Pico variant of Gapps, otherwise it won’t work.

Panaroid rom

Gapps download


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I am not making it Panaroid has best camera but the 2 picture which i have captured with paranoid camera was more colour accurate than iphone 6.

Camera sample:(Panaroid sample)

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Camera sample:(Iphone 6)

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