Resurrection Remix-N-v5.8.3-20170614-wt88047-Official-(Enhanced RR)Android-O feature.

After much await, Resurrection Remix has build much enhanced version of its Rom. They come with same features with more stability in its performance and battery life. I don’t see any major features added but its performance is been improved and we can see that with it. The Resurrection comes with couple of launcher built in and I have faced issues with Pixel launcher. Thus Trebuchet Launcher was fluid with no lag  to deliver its performance.The Android O feature has been added and resurrection is the first to implement it. Let’s talk about the features and well the features go the same as previous version.


  1. Pixel launcher and Trebuchet Launcher .
  2. Google assistant
  3. Audio FX

It’s all the same, nothing has removed nor added, just a performance boost. But go with pros and cons


  1. Fluid interface (only with Trebuchet Launcher).
  2. Battery is improved (you could easily get 4 hrs of  screen on time with wifi whole day, it had an issue before).
  3. Android O feature for quick shortcuts.
  4. Ram Management is substantially improved (i could hold all apps in memory and that was super cool. Web apps are reload for data ).
  5. Sound output from headphone was good(Use audio Fx) And from speaker was not too loud.
  6. Performance was extremely good with no heating issues.


  1. Proximity sensors are inaccurate.(when on call , the screen won’t turn off and ends in messing around everything).
  2. Double tap to wake is too sensitive.(sometimes it automatically turns up the screen).
  3. Camera( pictures are over saturated).
  4. Quick reply from the notification panel has a glitch.
  5. The UI lags with pixel launcher.
  6. Expected restart which turns the pixel launcher icon  alignment to 4 *4 from 5*5.
  7. App force close occasionally.
  8. Battery drain when idle.(At night it drain up to 15% of juice).


  1. Adaptive brightness (It won’t adjust brightness itself)
  2. Wifi disconnects automatically.
  3. Volume can not be changed when on call.
  4. Changing the font size will mess the notificatication(This is seen on all roms)


Resurrection Rom 


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