Lineage-14.1-20170630-nightly-Redmi 2 prime

I tried Aosp Extended but i didn’t reviewed it because of these reasons

  • App force close issued
  • Notification ringtone bug
  • pixel launcher changes it’s icon alignment
  • Screen freezing issue, doesn’t take input.
  • App restart unexpected and changed pixel launcher layout

Basically went to boot loop.

After a long time, finally found a well performing rom which can be your daily driver. I recently reviewed Resurrection rom which was quite good and surprised me with its performance. After resurrection,  there was only Lineage which is getting better with every update on its way and it’s proved. Lineage was alway a better competitor when it comes to pure stock rom. I know you have different perspective too. Aosp extended also holds its position as a top competitor but introduction of Pixel Launcher makes it buggy. Lineage rom is completely bug free and didn’t experience any app close issues since one week of usage. Ram management was excellent with good battery life which touched around 3hrs 30 min of screen in time with dual sim.


  1. AudioFx
  2. Google Calendar
  3. File explorer
  4. Recorder


  1. Excellent ram management( could hold all the apps in the memory)
  2. No app crash( after 7.1.2, only rom that has no app crashing issues)
  3. Battery life was great.(3hrs 30 min of screen in time with dual sim)
  4. Security update-7 June
  5. OTA updates
  6. Call were clear.(no issue related calls)
  7. Sound output was good( Not great, it was loud, Audio Fx helps to boost it)


  1. Camera was average( Couldn’t capture its focus, pictures comes out blurry)
  2. No customization(Doesn’t provide all customization what other rom delivers, but few status bar customization and gestures are still available.


Lineage Rom



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