OCTOS -20170707-1902-REDMI 2 PRIME

Recently I have come to know about OCT OS and its old contender who worked for other top contenders like Lineage Os. You can check out for more information on their official site Oct Os . Let’s now talk about the Oct rom, It comes with Pixel Launcher which is most stable UI till now. I didn’t find any UI lags while using it in day to day life. 

The Rom has Android O style quick settings which comes handy to toggle settings directly by long pressing the icon. The other thing I noticed was there’s no unexpected reboot which I found with other roms. The customisation remains the same what other rom delivers you in their Rom. The Ram management was done good on this but not excellent as Resurrection Remix. The camera on this is much better than resurrection.


  1. Pixel Launcher
  2. Google Assistant
  3. Audio Fx
  4. Fm Radio
  5. Omni Switcher
  6. Recorder
  7. Security update June 5th 2017


  1. Pixel Launcher( Much stable than other Rom, didn’t find any glitch while using it).
  2. Ram Management was decent( sometimes apps get reloaded but not every time)
  3. Battery Life was good on this.(Get around 3hr of screen on time on VOLTE)
  4. No app crash issues noticed.
  5. Camera was good with good focusing capability in natural lighting conditions where as it struggles to focus in artificial lights. (captures comes out good even in artificial lighting conditions)
  6. Sound from both external and headphone are good.(enable AudioFx)
  7. No point of discussing personalization and stuffs, its all same as  what other Roms provides .
  8. OTA updates
  9. Substratum rootless theme engine support (must install Substratum from play store).


  1. No app crash issues but noticed that apps takes couple of second to load in the memory once you click on it.(Sometimes)
  2. Voice call were not clear every time, I couldn’t figure out what was the issue. (The other people couldn’t able to hear me)- This could be a bug


  1. Navigation bar option cannot be enabled.


Oct OS 

Gapps( any variant )



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