ViperOs v2.1-20170715-OFFICIAL

After my friend’s recommend, I installed Viper OS. At first glance I noticed it was super -fluid with no lag. After couple of days, I noticed 2 bugs that skipped down from being a best daily driver.. And I hope they soon fix it. I really liked the rom because it just a better version of Aosp EX rom. I did notice some minor bugs that can be fix in future updates and next version is already available but I didn’t try to flash it. You could try the next version.Links will be provided at the bottom.


  1. Audio Fx
  2. Google Assistant
  3. Radio
  4. Theme (dark and light)
  5. Viper Os wallpaper which are pretty cool.


  1. Great multitasking (didn’t notice lags-holds almost all apps in ram)
  2. Good battery life(around 3hr 30 min of screen on time)
  3. Fluid UI (VLauncher was customized well)
  4. Sound from both earphone and external was good.
  5. Theme. (handy feature to conserve battery).
  6. Camera was pretty decent (same as Aosp Ex)
  7. No heating issue faced.
  8. For casual gamers, it’s just a  plus point(no lag noticed)


  1. Cellular call (other person complaints every time that the couldn’t hear me )
  2. On expected restart, Vlauncher realigns its icons into 4*4 so, it makes bad pixel experience.(happened only once)
  3. Some proximity issue(Screen wakes up late when you take off your phone from your ears).
  4. Bug with notification (but this can be fixed but adjusting your mobile notification tone).
  5. When on do not disturb mode, adjusting  the music volume shows weird UI.


Viper OS

Gapps( use nano )

Screenshots taken after unexpected restart, its pure pixel experience.


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