Color Os 3.0 for Redmi 2 prime

Hey, Let’s experience Color os for Redmi 2 which is basically custom rom from Oppo device. I have been using this rom from past one week and I have listed down all pros and cons below. This rom is basically from OPPO A37F which is not optimized well for redmi 2 prime but I recommend you not to install if you’re heavy user. Color Os provides whole lot of  features what Miui provides in there rom. You can check out screenshots below. I didn’t expect such features from this rom because I have never used color os before.But In terms of performance there is no stand for this rom.


  1. Customization similar to Miui
  2. Security center
  3. Weather app
  4. Super su installed -its pre rooted
  5. Kernel adiutor- tweak around with kernel
  6. Color control
  7. Compass
  8. Fm radio
  9. Whole lot of Color os bloatware
  10. Theme store and keyboard theme
  11. Gapps preinstalled.

No point in talking about the features, it just provides something more than you can think


  1. Customization it provides( small features are handy which are quiet well and works).
  2. Sound from headphone is excellent- with inbuilt audio customizer
  3. Themes work well .(no issues with that)
  4. Volte works well( no issues)
  5. Provide Gestures( like one plus devices)
  6. Good thing is this launcher allows you to other launcher which is not present in oppo phones.
  7. Camera provides lot of features like HD mode, check out in screenshot


  1. Performance lacks( the apps just goes to hibernate mode to save juice-Ram management isn’t well on this)
  2. Heating issues while on call and also while playing casual games (thus battery drains rapidly. If you are casual user you can get 2hr 15 min of screen on time)
  3. No notification led
  4. Calls were not clear at my end but other people could here me really well. Same from loudspeaker it was too low. I could hardly hear anything.
  5. Switching between front to rear camera takes time.
  6. Camera pictures where over sharpen but you can live with it.
  7. Based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1


  1. Flash light not working.
  2. Some gestures does not work.


Color Os


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