Cr Droid v3.4 20170703 for Redmi 2 Prime

Recently, I have reviewed Color os and coming back to stock rom really feels good. Cr droid was next choice to be installed on my device and the reason was quiet simply, I have never tried it before. Trying new rom every week is pretty awesome when rom out perform as per your expectations. So, What I feel about Cr droid? In terms Performance I can’t say much about it because sometimes it kills background apps specifically at night and app loading is pretty fast (noticed that animations scaling is reduced to 0.5x). In terms of bugs, they still persists and the good thing is customization settings are well organized. Lets talk what Cr droid provides.


  1. CR droid Launcher (smooth ui- No pixel experience)
  2. Fm Radio
  3. Audio Fx
  4. Music Player
  5. Android 7.1.2
  6. Google assistant
  7. OTA updates
  8. Security update June 5 2017


  1. Fluid interface-  (No app crash noticed, but I have seen this issue in all custom roms that icons get highlighted.)
  2.  Performance- App loading was quick because of animation scaling  and noticed laggy when you multitask heavy apps.(No heating noticed)
  3. Ram Management- I am not that happy with ram management because of killing it in background.After clearing the apps would have 400 MB of memory remaining.
  4. Sound- Bass and depth was good when you enable AudioFx while on earphones.External speaker are good.
  5. Call quality was loud and  clear. (loud speaker was not that good enough) and network dropping is seen.
  6. Battery- Excellent, good job no issues with that, you can get easily more than 3 hrs of SOT on lite usage on heavy 2 and half hr .(Stats in the screenshot section).
  7. Camera – Good, as usual good while on natural light and grainy at low light.(Can’t expect miracle here).
  8. Customization- Gets whole ;lot of package which you can tweak around with including gestures.


  1. No Pixel experience(you can download pixel launcher )
  2. Cannot disable hardware keys when you enable virtual keys.
  3. No customization for virtual keys which are found on other custom rom’s.
  4. Battery drains at night.
  5. Wi-fi automatically disconnects sometimes.
  6. No double tap to wake up feature.
  7. No quick shortcuts ( long press on apps for quick shortcuts).


  1. Proximity do not work.
  2. Adaptive brightness never fluctuate according to light.
  3. Bluetooth never paired to any devices.


Cr Droid



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