Nexus Experience 11.1 -Best Rom?? for Redmi 2 Prime

Recently, After a long time, I got hands on Experience ROM which surprised me, not because of its performance or battery life it has offered. The reason is the android with no bugs. All features provided are perfectly working with no lags, no app crashes but ROM without bugs?? Impossible. The nougat experience made much cleaner to be a smart driver. The Rom comes with Pixel Launcher which is more responsive and I never encountered any issue with it.

Next major thing is the color engine it provides, these features are offered only by few ROMsand it could hardly name any. You can have look on screenshots for the color theme and its wonders. Having built in feature to customize is far better than downloading an external theme engine and it is Flawless. Let’s move and look what it offers other than these.

This rom comes with google apps pre installed so no need to download gapps.

Features/ Apps :

  1. Pixel Launcher
  2. Google Camera
  3. Fm Radio
  4. Google Assistant
  5. OTA Updates
  6. File Explorer
  7. Google Calendar
  8. Color Engine
  9. Security Update August 5, 2017


  1. User Interface-  I believed Resurrection Remix has best touch response than any other ROMs but I didn’t notice any bugs in experience ROM too. The touch was much responsive as resurrection.
  2. Performance and Ram management- Excellent.!! All apps were in memory. I don’t know how? I had 16 apps in memory including a game. I didn’t find app reloading. Multitasking was super cool, never felt glitches while multitasking.
  3. Battery- Not a great what I have seen on other ROMs. But I would say Average which gave me almost 3- 3.30 hrs on moderate usage.
  4. Voice Calls- No doubt !! Crisp and clear no issues regarding voice call quality. Also, support VoLTE and no issues with that too. The calling interface is similar to Nexus with blurred background and that looks cool.
  5. Sound- It was loud and good. The AudioFX is pre installed and you can go with it.
  6. Camera- It offers Google camera with some functionality like lens blur, photo sphere, panorama etc. And you can play with it. Photos were not that great, but it was okay.
  7. Customization and other –  You have a color engine, gestures, color temperature settings, font and Display size, status bar settings and some other usual stuff.

Cons/ Bugs:

  1. Customization- Custom ROMs have always been a king when it comes to customization that they offers. But this is not the case with Experience ROM. customization is removed and made much closer to stock Android ROM.
  2. Hardware key- No virtual keys but you can customize Hardware keys based on your preference.
  3. WiFi- I found wifi disconnecting issue occasionally and you can leave with that.
  4. Battery Drain- If you are not a rooted user then you cannot stop battery drain at night. The ROM awakens your CPU and drains your battery.
  5. No proper Gallery app, you have to use Google Photos but File explorer is present.

Download Links:

Gapps pre installed, not required to flash manually

Nexus Experience


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  1. Bro M already installed Nexus 11 in my redmi 2 prime handset. Now I want to install my previous MIUI9.
    Help me how i do that


    1. If you want pure stock experience than I would recommend you trying nexus. I have even tried miui9 …it terms battery miui9 would give you more battery life.


    1. If your are gamer then I will not recommend you…but ram management looks good…why don’t you try viper os.. I feel its much better now….but I didn’t try hardcore gaming….but casual to mid level it can easily handle…thank you


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