Aosp based Oreo 8.0 for Redmi 2 prime

After a long wait for Oreo, the Aosp finally delivered Oreo. Oreo 8 is still in experimental stage with lots of bug. Just in case you guys want to try then below are the download links.

Rom features Oreo style but its still based on Android 7


  1. Launcher: Comes with launcher 3 which is kind of ugly.
  2. Battery: Great battery! No battery drain. I hope, I could see this on stable rom too.
  3. Settings: Much organized then nougat.
  4. Notification: Well its good customization there. Snoozing it off comes handy.

Lots of bug noticed. I would have missed few.


  1. Volte does not work as of now but 4g internet works.
  2. Wifi Hotspot do not work
  3. Comes with Double tap anywhere features but screen does not respond.
  4. App crash issues including Gmail app
  5. Cellular calls were not very clear.
  6.  Many  more.


Android Oreo

Gapps 8


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